McDonald’s is said to be temporarily closing its US offices and preparing layoff notices.

McDonald’s reportedly temporarily shuts its U.S. offices and prepares layoff notices

Burger giant McDonald’s is temporarily shutting down its U.S. offices this week to inform its corporate employees about layoffs as part of a broader company restructuring, according to The Wall Street Journal. In an internal email sent last week, McDonald’s asked its U.S. and some international staff to work from home Monday through Wednesday so it can deliver staffing decisions virtually.

The number of employees being laid off is unclear. McDonald’s announced in January that it would review corporate staffing levels as part of an updated business strategy, which could lead to layoffs in some areas and expansion in others.

The fast-food chain is expected to begin announcing key decisions by Monday. This article covers the latest developments regarding McDonald’s restructuring, including its decision to hold virtual meetings and temporarily close its offices, as well as the potential impact of layoffs on the company and its employees.

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